Wrongful Death Attorney

If you are currently grieving the loss of a special loved one, who passed away because of a wrongful death accident, then you may be eligible to file a lawsuit on their behalf by working with a qualified attorney. Parents, spouses, children, grandparents, and dependents of the deceased loved one may be strongly motivated to seek justice for what happened to their relative. And while no amount of financial award in the lawsuit can bring their family member back, it can help heal the pain knowing that the offending party has been held accountable for their actions.

How can I pursue a wrongful death lawsuit?

The specifications for filing a wrongful death lawsuit can vary depending on the state you live in. In most cases, wrongful death lawsuits are filed by surviving family members, such as a husband or wife, son or daughter, grandparents, or other close relatives. To pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, the first thing you must do is contact a reputable attorney who has lengthy experience handling such delicate and complicated cases.

You will need an attorney that is not afraid to go up against big companies such as health organizations or product manufacturers. You also need an attorney that is strategic and compassionate, who can take the reins as you continue grieving the loss of your cherished person. Other important steps to take include: 

  • Obtaining your loved one’s death certificate
  • Finding out whether your loved one wrote a will
  • Investigating potential causes of the accident (which your attorney can help you with)
  • Identifying all survivors and notifying them of the passing
  • Understanding the statute of limitations for your state
  • Calculating damages (including funeral bills, medical costs, loss of earnings of the deceased, loss of companionship, pain and suffering, etc.)

Is it possible to win a wrongful death lawsuit?

Yes, it is very possible to win a wrongful death lawsuit. But, in order to increase your chances of the verdict you are hoping for, there are certain elements that you must prove in the case. Firstly, you must show that the offending party had a duty of care to your loved one. Meaning, this person had an obligation to practice care and ensure the safety of your relative.

For example, a doctor has a duty to provide a standard of care when treating your loved one. Or, an employer has a duty to ensure a reasonably hazard-free environment for employees. Then, you must show how the offender had failed to abide by this duty, and that through their actions, it directly led to the death and damages.

One of the most challenging things about wrongful death cases is how emotional and complex they are. A person’s life was lost because of another’s carelessness, so it adds an additional layer of intensity and severity to the case. It is imperative that you hire an attorney, like a wrongful death attorney in Longwood, FL from David & Philpot, P.L.,  that can handle the gravity of a wrongful death lawsuit.