The construction industry is essential for many reasons. The men and women who work these jobs often do them under some of the most dangerous conditions. Whether it is replacing a roof after a storm or widening a highway, construction workers must maintain a level of safety most other professions do not. There are times and circumstances when following the rules is not enough to prevent an accident. For construction workers, there are four dangers that lurk around the industry.

1. Electrocution

With all the tools and hot wires around construction sites, electrocution is a real possibility. When it rains or water spills, the puddles act as perfect conductors for current to travel through. If a worker stands in water that is also touching an electrical tool or wire, there is a good chance the worker will get hurt. Burns caused by electrocutions can be rather severe. Workers must remain aware of their surroundings before firing up that corded drill.

2. Falls

Fall hazards are the top way construction workers get hurt. Falling from any height may result in broken bones, back, or head trauma. When a worker climbs an unsecured ladder or stands atop a scaffolding without a protective tether, the fall chances greatly increase. Those who work from any height should always wear a harness per standard safety guidelines. Falls can also happen when a construction area is littered with debris. Trips or slips and falls may have heavy consequences.

3. Caught

Many construction sites require trench digging. When this happens, there is a chance that a worker may become caught or stuck inside the trench if it is not evacuated properly. Workers who find themselves stuck or caught in trenches or in-between machinery may suffer crush and suffocation injuries. These cause permanent damage if the worker survives at all.

4. Struck

Falling objects may wind up striking workers below in the head. Someone may find themselves the victim of a heavy machinery hit, such as one from an improperly operated crane. When a worker gets struck in the head, it may cause traumatic brain injury. Since most things on construction sites are heavy, the head trauma may be severe. If the machine operator or another worker was negligent or if the company failed to enforce safety protocols, a person with a traumatic brain injury may want to receive financial compensation.

When a construction worker is hurt, injuries are usually fairly severe. When the head is involved, the damage may be irreversible. A lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV from Eglet Adams, may help obtain the medical care and compensation for a brain injury.