Car Accident Lawyer

You’ve been involved in a car accident. Your injuries are enough to require medical attention, but you’re worried about paying the bill. The accident wasn’t your fault so you won’t have to pay the bill, right? Won’t the at-fault driver’s insurance cover the costs? Yes and no.

Staying Out of Financial Trouble

Because you don’t want to get sent to collections, it’s imperative you pay your own medical bills when they start rolling in. Although you might be in the middle of a lawsuit concerning the other driver who caused the auto accident, your medical bills are going to start piling up. As you receive the bills, get them paid and hand over a copy to your lawyer. As the lawyer collects them all, you’ll get a better idea of the total medical costs related to the accident and how much to seek in damages.

Utilizing Your Insurance Coverage

Hopefully, you have health insurance, whether through your employer or individually. Go ahead and work with your medical provider to submit each claim. This will make your initial out-of-pocket expenses less, and you can typically still seek full compensation for each medical bill that arises as a result of your accident.

Utilizing the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Coverage

When you go up against the at-fault driver with your lawyer by your side, you may get more than you thought in terms of compensation. Depending on the insurance coverage of the other driver, as well as how the lawsuit plays out, you might walk away with medical costs, ongoing therapy costs, prescription costs, and emotional damage costs completely reimbursed. On the other hand, you may walk away with something entirely different.

Keeping Smart Records

It’s important that anytime you’re involved in a car accident, you are smart at record keeping. Always call the authorities so you can have an official report filed for your accident. Keep records of anything that happened surrounding the accident. Keep a record of every medical bill, every estimate of benefits and every phone conversation you have with medical professionals and the insurance company. Your lawyer may be able to keep a file of these things for you. It’s just essential you’ve got it all on record.

Contact Your Attorney Right Away

If you were involved in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault, whether you walked away with injuries or not, contact your car accident lawyer for direction. Having a legal representative is a better way to get the most when it comes to compensation for your medical bills.

Source: car accident lawyer in Hillcrest Heights, MD, Cohen Lawyers.