Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Are Motorcycles Dangerous?

There are numerous reasons why motorcycles are more dangerous to use than cars. One of the main reasons is due to their size. When a motorcycle makes an impact with an average sized vehicle and crashes the injuries to the individuals involved vary significantly. The person on the motorcycle is much more likely to have severe injuries than the person in the average vehicle(car, truck). It’s also been said that those riding motorcycles are 20 times more likely to have a fatality from an accident than those in cars in an accident. 

What to Watch Out For

Always watch the other vehicles around you and be mindful of where they are on the road. If you are close to an 18 wheeler then it’s extra important that you give them space as it’s difficult for them to see motorcycles let alone cars in their mirrors. Always be mindful and alert of other cars that are changing lanes and try and make your best judgment as to what the next move of those vehicles will be. Looking ahead at the conditions of the road is also something very important. From time to time there may be gaps in the roadway, potholes, dips or uneven lanes that could prove treacherous. Always pay the utmost attention to the conditions of the road and the other vehicles around you to ensure your safety. 

How to Stay Safe

It’s crucial if you are a motorcycle owner and rider to stick to some very important rules of the road. By building good habits and awareness through some own personal rules of yours you can ensure that you will remain riding motorcycles for a very long time. Some of those crucial safety items include:

  • Ensuring the working condition of your motorcycle equipment like turn signals, reflectors, horn, speedometer and lights
  • Always being mindful and expectant of what other vehicles around you are doing
  • Leaving a safe distance between you and the other vehicles around you
  • Wearing a helmet and other safety equipment if deemed reliable

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident then it may be in your best interest to seek legal counsel. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Rapid City, SD can help you with your situation from a law firm like The Law Offices of Clayborne, Loos & Sabers LLP. Depending on the specific details of your case there may be compensation involved that you could be eligible for.