Understanding the different types of laws lawyers practice can be a complicated topic. As we all know, the law is tricky and so for your needs it is always best to research which type of lawyer will best suit your needs especially when it comes to getting representation for a dog bite according to a dog bite lawyer with our friends at Brandy Austin Law Firm.

Seeking representation after a dog attack is a step that you should definitely think about. But oftentimes than not many people are simply unaware which type of lawyer would be handling their case. For dog bites in particular, a personal injury lawyer would be the best option for you to consult with. Due to the nature of dog bites resulting in injuries no matter how severe it is considered a personal injury case.

What Is Personal Injury Law And How Does It Relate To Dog Bites?

Personal injury law is defined as an injury to the body, mind, and your emotions. Under the personal injury law, the party that is negligent is held accountable to provide and cover for the party who was injured.

Now you might ask how does this apply to a dog bite? It’s not like you can hold a dog accountable for their actions, that maybe true however, under the law the owner of the dog who attacked you is liable for compensation, should you wish to bring a lawsuit against the owner. The personal injury lawyer of your choosing will help provide you with counsel and help prove how the negligence of that specific owner led to bodily harm to you and/or emotional and mental harm, as well. For example, your lawyer can help prove an owner’s knowledge of their dog’s aggressive behavior in the past and show negligence on their part for letting said dog off its leash in a place he could cause harm. 

Duties Of A Personal Injury Lawyer During A Dog Bite Lawsuit:

A personal injury lawyer will help represent you in your lawsuit and to help prepare you for what to expect from your legal team, you must first understand the duties and responsibilities of your personal injury lawyer. 

Personal injury lawyers duties for a dog bite include settlement negotiations. When a lawsuit is brought against a dog owner, typically it is covered by their homeowner insurance policy. Liability coverages for dog owners typically vary based off of which coverage they decide to go with, but commonly policy coverages range from $100,000 – $500,000. Also, under these coverages from the dog owner’s homeowner insurance it will help pay for not only your medical fees but also your legal fees, as well. 

In order to bring a lawsuit forward after a dog bite, it needs to be within the statute of limitations for these types of cases. In this case, every state has a different amount of years for you to file your case, but in some states, in order to seek compensation you are required to file within 2 years of the date of the bite. Within the duration of your lawsuit, which can range from anywhere between 1 month – 6 years, it is your lawyer’s responsibility to help provide you with guidance to get the end results you want. Many factors can influence the length of negotiations before parties come to a just compensation such as: the willingness to discuss a compromise, the extent of the injuries and treatment, and the insurance companies willingness to help resolve the matter. Through the manner of negotiations both parties are able to reach a settlement that satisfies their client without going through the process of a lengthy trial. 

Always remember it is your personal injury lawyer’s duty to represent you in these proceedings and to help get you compensation, which can help cover expensive medical fees. A lawyer’s job is to protect you and build a strong case for you, especially after the event of a personal injury, such as a dog bite.