Car accident injury settlements can be completed quickly, but are often dragged out for a significant amount of time. While this may be to your benefit because you’ll end up with the most in compensation, it could get frustrating to have to deal with it for so long. It might also be hard on you financially. What makes a car accident injury settlement take so long?

Gathering Testimonies

Hopefully, your car accident was in front of people who you and your lawyer can use as witnesses to benefit your case. If so, your lawyer will spend some time gathering the testimonies from those witnesses. There’s a chance one or more of those people will be hesitant to provide testimony, so your lawyer might have to work on them for a while.

Recovering From Injuries

In some cases, you want to be to a certain point of recovery before you settle your case. The more serious your injuries, and the longer the amount of time it will take to recover, the more you’ll typically be entitled to compensation. If you try to rush the process, you may end up with less than you’ll need to cover all your medical costs in the future.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Part of receiving a settlement includes negotiations with the insurance company. Sometimes the insurance company claims you were partially at fault for the accident because of the things they discovered during their investigation. In such a case, they may deny a claim altogether, or revise it to include a lower amount of compensation. This might take some back and forth negotiations, which is going to add to the time it takes to receive a settlement.

Documenting Your Suffering

Aside from the physical pain of your injuries, you may be suffering in other ways as well. For example, you could experience PTSD every time you get into another car. Maybe you have experienced a loss of the enjoyment of life because of your limiting injuries. There’s a chance you can’t be intimate with your spouse anymore, or can’t participate in certain hobbies you once enjoyed. All of these issues should be documented and included in your claim for compensation, and it could take a while before you realize everything.

Contacting a Lawyer 

As you can see, seeking a car accident injury settlement isn’t a quick process. It takes a lot of legal work, as well as patience and determination. Contacting a car accident lawyer at a law firm like Best Federal Criminal Attorney today for help getting started.